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India vs South Africa : Unflappable Manish Pandey could be the missing piece in Virat Kohli

If we have an image related to each player that has been played in international cricket, then Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be remembered from his sixth World Cup final in 2011, with Lance Klusener being seen in the pavilion after South Africa. Will be connected. The 1999 World Cup semi-finals were tied in and Sachin Tendulkar's name will be taken last time for an image that runs on Wankhede's corridor. For Manish Pandey, it's likely that he will be taken as Mitchell Marsh for the third man and will need six runs for India to win by four wickets. He will seal the game in the next ball and set himself in the form of snowy cool and maintained finishes in India in his fourth preference. Pandey has shown in front of an Australian crowd at the highest level since 25 months, in front of his indomitable nature. Nonetheless, he explains India's struggle as a bench, to identify the first fears to identify the right candidates in the last few overs of the game.

India vs South Africa: Unflappable Manish Pandey could be the missing piece in Virat Kohli

In the fourth ODI in Wanderers, India got trapped in the leak after a big start and scored only 59 runs in the last 10 overs. In Port Elizabeth, as India celebrated its first series victory in the rainbow race, the inability to get them out from the good start provided by the top three had stood out.

Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli were out in the middle before the last few overs, India's middle order saw an increase of 274 runs, when they were well prepared to score more than 300 runs. Only 55 runs were scored in the last 10 overs and they lost three wickets in this period. Of course, the highest talent of wrist spinners meant that India won by a great margin. But perhaps it is time that he admitted that his middle order is ending only with the elimination of 'Champions Trophy 2017 Final'.

Why management is waiting for something like this when the option to invest in Pandey's instability is not rational.

Pandey has been cut off with the same cloth as MS Dhoni in his short days and he is near the same despair and fearlessness that made the former Indian captain a crowd favorite. If anything, Pandey has performed many times this time, but sadly, it has not been noticed in the attractive prospect of some part-time off-break.

It is interesting to note that on fifth day, he has batted at number six, Pandey's average is 45.66, and more important, the attack at a rate of 118.10. He can only make a half-century and his average has increased by two not-out scores, but it is hard for scoring and interest to have a hell-leather rate which should ideally catch the eyes of the selectors.

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The first step to kill Pandey in the line-up will be to accept that he comes with a disclaimer: When someone does another, he can not make runs. As Kolkata Knight Riders faced a huge score of 200 in the final in the 2014 final, Pandey had made only one half-century in fifteen matches in this season, knew that he had to intervene.

He went out in the fifth ball following the run against the back of the Kolkata against the wall. 98 balls later - out of which 50 faced - he was 94 against his name and he did everything, but he made a great century from the wicket-keeper Saha.

It is well known that he is the first Indian to make IPL hundred. But more than these big innings - those who have a lot - it's their fast-fire, high voltage is what makes them as a player.

During the IPL 2017 season, he showed the switch to the gear and the remaining rights at the right time. He scored 81 runs in his 47 balls against Mumbai Indians, where he scored 31 runs in the last eight balls or scored 69 runs in 49 balls against Delhi Daredevils as Kolkata's 169 came down to 21/3 in the innings. And you see that at the age of 28, the obvious ability to play with the neck of your neck.

After leaving India A against South Africa in Pretoria in August, Pandey, with a brilliant 26 balls, scored 93 runs in a superb 85 balls. He did a bench of three in five out of five ODIs against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka, but in three matches he was found in India's plans - two ODIs and one T20I - he criticized two half centuries, both more than 100 Strike rate was on.

The Australian series later gave India blood in all five matches but she played in 4 out of two in five ODIs because India had tried to identify the right person in the crucial position of batting batting. In the three matches he batted the order, Pandey made 36 * off 32 balls, 25 balls 33 (6 in both) and unbeaten run-A-ball 11 (No. 5). He got an opportunity to bat in the three ODIs against Sri Lanka at home.

As long as ODI of South Africa reached India in the Leg, his thinking changed slightly. Ajinkya Rahane was selected as the first back-up opener, he was considered very good to solve India's number four crisis and Shreyas Iyer came back to Sri Lanka's home and brought the half-centuries back. Kedar Jadhav was down with a muscular injury

When you consider Aiyar's return, this step has become fair, but Mumbai's imagination is not ideal in any way. He loves a tough leather ball in batting and is a natural top-order batsman. Their failure in the East against the soft ball has become very noticeable and their weakness is catching things ahead. Jadhav, on the other hand, is offering some much needed back-overs to Kohli, especially with the help of Hardeep Pandya, who are now weakening to visit the cleaner. But his batting - it is believed that his main gig - has not quite impressed.

There is an innate gift to make your presence - it is in the bat or in the field - makes Pandey a very attractive choice. The way he went from Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2011 and another example of his courageous player by changing the integrity of Pune Warriors. In the Kolkata Knight Riders, Gautam Gambhir has also been drawn from this viewpoint. In the IPL auction last month, a deal worth 11 crore rupees was made for them, usually from Sunny Hyderabad, in the IPL auction, in which they believe the nature of their big match.

This is probably the time to invest long time in Pandey for India because he can switch his gameplay according to the situation and can cover India's run rate in the death overs. The ability to make big runs in difficult situations makes him an enticing alternative to India in the middle order. Yet they have not been endorsed or believed to be entitled to a player like him.

As they take on South Africa in the last match of a series, which has won earlier, India wants to take Pandit Pandey to consider the World Cup and the more dependence on the top three is not ideal, because his Champions Trophy Necklace showed.

India vs South Africa: Unflappable Manish Pandey could be the missing piece in Virat Kohli

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