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Powerball Winning numbers drawn for $ 460 Mega Millions Jackpot

Wednesday night's Powerball jackpot is $460 million, the seventh largest Powerball grand prize ever and also the tenth largest U.S. lottery jackpot. Wednesday's winning Powerball numbers are:
02 - eighteen - thirty seven - thirty-nine - forty two Powerball: twelve Power Play: 3X

In addition, Friday's Mega Millions jackpot has jumped to $418 million. this can be the primary time in U.S. history that each jackpots have flat-top $400 million at identical time. The winning ranges from Tues night's Mega Millions drawing were - 01 - forty two - forty seven - sixty four - seventy - and also the Mega Ball number was twenty two. whereas there was no jackpot winner in Tues night's drawing, Illinois players won over sixty seven,000 prizes, starting from $2 to $10,000.


Earlier Wednesday, the Powerball price tag sales were steady at 7-Eleven at river and Wacker in Chicago's Loop. Players understand the percentages aren't in their favor (about one in 292 million), however they still had dreams of paying off bills, taking vacations in heat locales and giving to charity.

"I would treat all my family," aforesaid Cynthia Mayes. "Then i'd travel the globe."

If you get a winning price tag, place it during a safe place and do not create any massive selections quickly. The money choice is $291 million. You do nothing for consecutive six months. Take this cash, digest it. Build your team. Build the infrastructure therefore you'll responsibly manage this cash," aforesaid Saint Andrew the Apostle Stoltmann, Associate in Nursing lawyer UN agency represents those that hit the jackpot.

Current jackpot at $460 million; money choice of $291 million. Jackpots begin at $40 million

Overall odds of winning the jackpot 1:292,201,338
Drawings area unit at 9:59 p.m. (CT) each Wednesday and Sabbatum Choose 5 totally different numbers one to sixty nine and one Powerball #1 to twenty six While the jackpot gets the foremost attention, there area unit different prizes to be won in Powerball. Prizes vary from $4 for matching simply the Powerball to $1 million for matching all 5 numbers (but not the Powerball).

Current jackpot is $418 million; money choice of $261 million
Jackpots begin at $40 million
Overall odds of winning the jackpot 1:305,575,350
Drawings area unit at ten p.m. (CT) each Tues and Friday

Right now, the Mega Millions and Power
The record Mega Millions jackpot is $656 million - 3 tickets shared that jackpot on March thirty, 2012. simply behind that's the $648 million jackpot split by 2 winners on December seventeen, 2013.

With slightly higher odds than the Powerball game, it's rare that months pass while not somebody winning a Mega Millions jackpot.

There area unit many factors for the shortage of a winner, together with fewer players.

The odds of choosing the proper numbers on 5 white balls and one yellow ball within the Mega Millions game area unit one in 259 million. For Powerball, it's one in roughly 292 million. Revamps to the country's 2 massive lottery games in recent years shrunken the percentages of choosing all the numbers required for the highest prize, although officers means it's enlarged the amount of winners UN agency score smaller prizes that vary from $1 million to $5 million, counting on the sport.

Mega Millions tickets area unit sold  in forty three states and the District of Columbia and also the U.S. island.

The Associated Press contributed to the current report.

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