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The US President Donald Trump criticizes Pakistan

In Donald Trump tweet, Trump said that the United State had given Pakistan $ Thirty Three billion in the last fifteen years, yet Afghanistan and the United States have accused Pakistan of providing a safe haven for the militants. In the meantime, there was no official comment from Pakistan, but Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif tweeted that his government is preparing a response that "the world will know the truth...". Asif as saying: "We have already said to America 'now', so Trump's 'now and so' is of no importance. We publicly make every single penny in America All the accounts are ready to give. " by Pakistan's Urdu language Geo Television. Asif said that the trump tweets were made out of desperation and the United States should pursue negotiations with the Afghan rebels instead of the army. "America is disappointed at the defeat in Afghanistan, instead of using military power in Afghanistan, America should take the path of dialogue," said Asif.

Hamdullah Mohib, US Ambassador to Afghanistan welcomed Trump's tweet.

Mohib wrote on Twitter: "A lot of message has been received for Afghanistan by the terrorists based in Pakistan."

Uncomfortable relations between the United States and Pakistan are on the spiral below the 2011 US operation, which kills and kills Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad, a ghost town in the army.

Trump has to eliminate it when he is pressurizing the Afghan tactics to call Pakistan to warn the Taliban insurgents last year.

In a surprise visit to Afghanistan on December 22, Vice President Mike Pains said that the US administration issued a notice to Pakistan to abolish the support of the Taliban rebels due to a comment that created a chorus of criticism from Pakistani nationals and military establishments. Who had refused. Shelter to Afghan terrorists

At a press conference last Thursday, Pakistani army spokesman General Asif Ghafoor had said that Pakistan would not compulsorily.

In the press conference, he said, "What kind of friends are we being given the notice?"

Pakistan will get more money from Pakistan through the Coalition Fund, which gives money to its coalition partners in Afghanistan and Iraq. Pakistan has been one of the largest recipients

"America has stupidly given more than $ 33 billion in aid to Pakistan in the last 15 years, and they did not think of anything as liars and deceptions, our leaders as fools," Trivi tweeted "They are in Afghanistan Protecting terrorists give safe shelter, with a little help, no more! "

Gafur denied that Pakistan had given permission for training camp or organizational headquarters in its area.

"We have begun construction of forts and posts on the border of Afghanistan for border management - what do America and Afghanistan want us to do?"

Even then, Afghanistan and the United States have long accused Pakistan of providing safe havens and former Advisor to Pakistan Foreign Advisor Sartaj Aziz had already said in public that the terrorists in Afghanistan have lived for several decades in Pakistan. .

It is believed that the Taliban run several leadership councils outside Pakistan, in the south-western quetta and north-western Peshawar, two cities located on the border of Afghanistan

Meanwhile, Pakistan has accused Afghans of sheltering their terrorists and sent a list of wanted terrorists to demand the return of the Afghan government. Kabul had also sent a list of wanted rebels in Islamabad along with training camps in place of them.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that the US has foolishly handed Pakistan. They give safe shelter to the terrorists in Afghanistan, with a little help.
It was not immediately clear that Trump criticized Pakistan, but had long been complaining that Islamabad is not doing enough to deal with Islamic terrorists. In August, the Trump Administration had said that delaying sending $ 255 million to help in Pakistan is delayed.

Pakistani counters have started military operations to evict terrorists from their land and 17,000 fight with Pakistani terrorists or have been killed since bomb blasts and other attacks since 2001.

Afghanistan's top American general, John Nicholson, said in November that despite the difficult line of trump administration against Islamabad, he had not seen any change in Pakistan's behavior against the terrorists.

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